The company offers a multitude of products and services. All the products conform to the international standards and the long list of satisfied customers is testimonial to our service value. From supply of water conveyance pipes and irrigation equipment to soft landscaping, Nursery Agricultural and Engineering Center (NAEC) and Al Wasail Al Saudi Al Qatari (WSQ) provide a plethora of services. The characteristics that set us apart from our contemporaries are high quality, reliable materials and services.

Apart from being the sole local distributors of the Al-Wassel Agricultural Company (Saudi Arabia) products, who incidentally are the world’s largest manufacturers of polyethylene (PE) pipes, pipe fittings and irrigation equipment, we are also an ISO certified company. The EN ISO 9001:2008 certification is an acknowledgement of the high quality services and products which conform to the international standards.


1. Supply of Materials

The supply of standard and quality materials is essential for the success of every project. This is without a doubt the most critical part of every project.

As suppliers and subcontractors, there are not many companies out there that can make better use of HDPE irrigation and drainage product marketing than Nursery Agricultural and Engineering Center (NAEC) and Al Wasail Al Saudi Al Qatari (WSQ).

NAEC and WSQ is one such agent who has created a unique concept in HDPE irrigation and drainage product marketing and is making use of Al Wasail HDPE products for irrigation and drainage as a means of developing the irrigation and drainage systems in Doha Qatar.

All A Wasail PE products are manufactured in accordance with the current European and international standards, DI 8061/62, ISO 4427/1167 and saso Draft No. 5208.

  • Irrigation Systems and Items

The company essentially sells the equipment pertaining to the irrigation system. Apart from that we also deal with the installation and maintenance of the irrigation systems. The design of our sprinkler and irrigation mechanisms is our pride. An ordinary customer may not be able to distinguish one irrigation system form other merely by sight. However once in use, the irrigation system designed by the Nursery Agricultural and Engineering Center (NAEC) and Al Wasail Al Saudi Al Qatari (WSQ) are readily recognizable for their efficient use of resources hence ensuring that both time and precious water resources are conserved.

  • Infrastructure Systems and Items

 The NAEC and WSQ provide supply materials as are required for the infrastructure systems. Our materials are a product of innovation and research in the field and incorporate maximum use of technology. This ensures that our materials are safe to use and comfortable in handling.

Our infrastructure material supply services are multi directional. From water drainage and sewage systems to electrical power supply cables, we supply considerable types of materials and till date have successfully serviced a huge number of projects, both big and small. 

  • Supply of Landscape Items:

 A thing of beauty is a joy forever. With the same picture in mind, we aim to beautify your lands and gardens. We have all the things that you might require for the landscaping of your land. Apart from the greens, we also provide artistic effect items such as stones to further beautify your settings. We provide services from installation to maintenance and guide our customers for the do it yourself caring mechanisms so as to make them self-sufficient. The NAEC and WSQ showrooms serve as showcases where your ideas are brought to life and you can clearly visualize what your final landscape would look like.

a. Trees 

At NAEC and WSQ we supply an extensive variety of trees especially for the soft landscaping projects. Our tree products are most important for tree growth and protection. 

b. Shrubs

 The beautiful fern plants are remarkable in their endurance. Given the right amount of light and a soil to nurture them, they can grow anywhere. When properly trimmed, they make a house a worthy sight.

 c. Ground Covers and Flowers

 Our line of mulch products comes in a variety of types and colors. We also offer a huge range of ground coverings like different types of grass. We also provide soils and other growing media. Our mulch ensures weed control as well as moisture retention. On the other hand the flowers not only add color to the scenery but also bring life to it.

2. Installation of Landscape and Irrigation Systems

Though often underrated, system installation is one of the key components integral to the high system performance. Even a well-designed system cannot perform well if poorly installed. A good system installation requires an impeccable technical knowhow regarding the job to be done. Then again system installation guarantee is as important as the material guarantee because a poor installation requires frequent system maintenance which means additional costs.

We ensure aesthetic installation so as not to mar the landscape with the pipelines. The irrigation system is installed so that it merges well with the environment and does not ruin the view. Our trained and experienced professional staff also offers valuable advice on how to upgrade your current irrigation system. Our experienced professionals are always available to guide you at every step of your system installation and are happy to deal with your queries as and when they arise.

In order to make your gardens and lands a source of pleasure to your sight, NAEC and WSQ work to install a beautiful landscape on your property. Our landscape installation services are available both for new landscape installation as well as for renovation of the existing ones. We bring life to your lands.


3. Maintenance of Landscape Areas

For 20 years now the name of NAEC and WSQ has become synonymous with high quality and reliable landscape maintenance services. If you want to bring a new life to your current landscape, NAEC and WSQ is your optimal choice. All the projects undertaken by us have a distinct air about them which has not only become our signature but also sets us apart from our contemporaries. Our maintenance plans are customized so as to meet the requirements of each specific site and also ensure complete satisfaction of our each client. Our comprehensive landscape maintenance plan ensures that you don’t have to run after a number of service providers. We essentially believe in being the one stop shop for all your landscape problems and their solutions. Our professional staff is ready to address all your landscape maintenance problems like tree and hedge trimmings, wild plants and weed overgrowth, pruning, grass mowing etc. Our packages also include effective herbicides and pesticides which not only protect your plants and flowers against pest invasion but also keep them healthy and growing. We also ensure that all our maintenance practices conform to the international standards and are safe and sound.


4. Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

A huge number of people prefer to have automated irrigation systems installed. However even a perfectly designed and impeccably installed system requires some maintenance at regular intervals so as to ensure that the whole systems runs smoothly and seamlessly and does not face any hindrance or get stuck at some point. Ignorance in this regard can not only damage the irrigation system but can also result in wastage of precious natural resources such as water. In order to prevent further aggravation of the situation it is recommended that all the installed irrigation systems be properly updated and maintained. The common problems that plague an irrigation system include pipe leaks, damaged pipes, clogged sprinklers and/or pipes, over-spraying pipe or sprinklers etc. NAEC and WSQ specialize in dealing with all types of irrigation system maintenance problems and the professionally trained staff is readily available to address these issues.

Client Comments

We received the best quality and support from NAEC Qatar and I recommend anyone to acquire their services.

Hussein, CEO - Hadaf Consulting

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